B&B session twitter promotionOn Monday 24 July, Prue Addison and Joe Bull will be hosting a special symposium at ICCB on “Developing the scientific basis that enables businesses to support biodiversity conservation”. The symposium will be run on Monday, from 14.30 – 16.00, in Sala 103.

Symposium background:

The fundamental goal of conservation science is to provide the technical understanding and tools that enable humanity to conserve biodiversity. End-users of conservation science include international policymakers, governments, and NGOs. More recently, an important end-user of conservation science has emerged – businesses, an increasing number of which seek to take an active role in biodiversity conservation.

Businesses face serious barriers that prevent them from supporting biodiversity conservation. These barriers are scientific, as much as social and economic, including: establishing metrics for objectively evaluating and reporting on biodiversity performance; methods for comparing performance across multiple scales; and, managing biodiversity in the face of uncertainty. In fact, efforts to conserve biodiversity as part of business operations expose gaps in the scientific basis underlying conservation science more generally.

In this symposium, we will discuss ‘business and biodiversity’ though the lens of topics including ‘no net loss’ conservation mechanisms (e.g. biodiversity offsetting), natural capital accounting, and factoring industry into landscape conservation planning. The symposium will showcase recent developments in the ‘business and biodiversity’ research field, identify critical research gaps, and will provide an opportunity for delegates to join discussions around engaging businesses more meaningfully in applied conservation.

Presentations include:

Prue Addison, University of Oxford “Engaging with business to revolutionize biodiversity conservation”

Fabien Quétier, Biotope “Developing robust biodiversity indicators for private sector conservation and natural capital accounting”

Eugenie Regan, The Biodiversity Consultancy “What biodiversity data does business need?”

E.J. Milner-Gulland (on behalf of Joe W. Bull), University of Copenhagen “A quantitative worldwide assessment of biodiversity offsetting”

Martine Maron, University of Queensland “Resolving controversies in compensatory conservation”

If you are attending ICCB, please join our symposium!

If you won’t be at ICCB, please follow the live tweeting from our symposium using the hashtags #ICCB2017 #Business & #Biodiversity, or follow our speakers: @prueaddison, @Biotope_, @EugenieRegan, @TBCBiodiversity, @EJMilnerGulland, @wildbusiness, @martine_maron.

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