I am a conservation scientist passionate about applying practical scientific approaches to strategically address environmental challenges. Over the last fifteen years I have been working internationally with partners in government agencies, NGOs and the private sector on projects that range from ocean management through to corporate biodiversity accountability.

My objective is to ensure that environmental considerations are formally incorporated into public and private sector decision-making, particularly in situations where competing economic and social factors may dominate.

In my current position at the Interdisciplinary Centre for Conservation Science at the  University of Oxford, I work with multinational businesses and their partners, bringing lessons from conservation science to help mainstream biodiversity in the private sector. My work focuses on corporate biodiversity accountability in particular, helping businesses integrate biodiversity considerations into their corporate strategies, reporting, and accounting. I do a lot of work around developing processes for robust and transparent environmental decision-making, objective setting, and indicator development, to assess site-level through to corporate-level biodiversity performance. My work is not just about guiding activities to mitigate impacts, but evaluating whether real and positive outcomes are being achieved for the environment. You can follow my work in Oxford here.

Here is a recent video that explains why I think conservation science is a critical discipline that can and should be applied to businesses wanting to integrate biodiversity into their decision-making:



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